Design Pad Architecture
Functional, Affordable, Sustainable
Located in Maryville NSW, Design Pad was established by Matt Hull in 2006 to assist clients with their commercial and residential architectural requirements. Design Pad is able to deliver a range of services and can manage projects from small scale extensions, new residences, to multi-unit developments and large commercial projects. Design Pad focuses on functional, affordable and sustainable design, and relies on collaboration between the client, builder and architect to ensure the best possible solution.
FUNCTIONAL - The client plays an essential part in the design process which provides a solution that is tailored to suit their needs and fits within the context of the site. Elements for the client to consider during the design process may include - hopes for the future, quality of life, intelligent use of materials, outdoor lifestyle, humanity of space, functional architecture, celebrating of Australia’s climate and natural environment.
By utilising dual functional spaces, the size of a project can be controlled in order to save the owner money and save the planet finite resources.
AFFORDABLE – By resolving a design early on and considering how a space might be furnished; the total building footprint can be limited to suit the user group. Consultation with the owner’s preferred builder allows practical building methods to be integrated into the project, ensuring affordability for the client. Alternatively, Design Pad can recommend a number of builders for their consideration.
SUSTAINABLE – There are many aspects to a sustainable design, limited use of materials and resources, future proofing a space to prevent redundancy, modular design for adaptive reuse, passive solar control, air quality and insulation from temperature extremes are just a few. The way light and air move through a building can reduce running costs and establish comfortable zones for occupants, giving them the power to control the quality of the indoor environment. Low running costs for a building over the years of occupation will help the occupants as well as the planet.
Connection to the outside is often overlooked but the Australian climate can be easily enjoyed by efficient connection with the gardens and outdoor space. Well-designed outdoor space is essential if the occupants wish to take full advantage of a limited site area.
Matt Hull graduated from The University of Newcastle in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture (with Merit) and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture, First Class Honours in 1997. Registration as a NSW Architect was achieved on 15 July 2009. NSW Registration Number 8251.
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